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August 2021-present

Partnering up with 2 Speech & Language Therapists (with 50 years clinical paediatric experience combined), we have created Speech Club. Empowering families and nurseries with the ability to deliver speech and language therapy direct to their children, instantly.

OBJECTIVE: To teach pre-school children with language delays, instantly online and without waiting lists by selling the online course into nurseries and Authorities. To alleviate some of the stress and waiting times currently being experienced by the thousands of pre-school children who have fallen behind.

Conceptualising, filming and producing content creation and design, course hosting, Stripe integration, back end management, website and social media, sales & marketing.

Having been successfully launched and trialed, Speech Club is now being sold into nurseries and local authorities across the UK. The company is also now spearheading efforts to implement into Government Early Years departments.

Speech Club 60 second film

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