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Gareth Kendall (GK) is a seasoned lawyer with some 30+ years Senior/Partner experience. But when it came to setting up his own law practise, he needed help with his brand identity.


Gareth wanted to depart the "less stuffy" creative look of his counterparts. Mission accomplished! 

Also, looking like George Clooney does help the photographer.

"Working with Toby was fantastic! His creativity astounded me, and the images he took were amazing—the best my wife has ever seen!

He was patient with my edits and prioritized my site, resulting in lots of positive comments from clients and associates.

Most of all, he made the whole process fun".

Gareth. GK. Oval, London
GK changed form the original honey badger
Screenshot 2024-05-12 at 19.01.15
Consult GK photography
DALL·E 2023-07-06 23.44.14
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