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CLIENT: Flow Online
August 2019-present

Partnering up with my wife Lucy, who is highly qualified in yoga for childbirth and postnatal yoga, and is also a doula. 

Back in the summer of 2019 Lucy and I teamed up to film an online pregnancy yoga course. The business surged forward massively during lockdown coupled with a large scale facebook advertising spend, which coupled with Lucy's popularity as a birth coach, helped build a massive online presence.

In 2020, we launched the second course "Postnatal Yoga & Wellbeing" and have recently released (april 2022) Lucy's 3rd course - "The Complete Birth Prep Programme. A year in the making and with some 12 hours of video content.

Lucy has established an impressive business and has now taught over 12,000 women taking part on her online sessions, as well as a having far greater reach on social media. She has helped thousands of women all over the world and many have written amazing testimonials about Lucy and how she has helped them.


COURSE 3 - Complete Birth Prep Programme
Released May 2022

Complete Birth Prep Programme.jpg

COURSE 2 - Postnatal yoga & wellbeing


COURSE 1 - Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation

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