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 rule #3 in marketing
don't be a dick.

Be cool, be honest, and don’t annoy your customers. 


Our strategy services help businesses identify opportunities and threats in the market. We identify "what success looks like" for you and the best way(s) to achieve it. We analyse your current position and develop clear, actionable plans to achieve your required goals. 


...the other 9 of toby's rules for marketing


  1. Know Your People: Study your audience like a stalker, minus the creepiness.

  2. Solve Problems: Make sure your stuff actually helps people. 

  3. see above

  4. Be Clear: No jargon. Just say what you mean.

  5. Stay Consistent: Keep your brand uniform, not like your New Year’s resolutions.

  6. Engage: Chat with your customers. Don’t ghost them.

  7. Use Data: Track everything. Guessing is for amateurs.

  8. Adapt: Change with the times or get left behind.

  9. Go Multi-Channel: Be everywhere your audience is. No hiding.

  10. Build Relationships: Keep your customers happy. Happy customers = repeat business.

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