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online course creation & sales consultancy

We created are first online course in 2019. In total now we have created 6 courses and built two successful companies with them. The business model of fully automated online courses is beautiful. With the correct online promotion, online course really can create 24/7 passive income.

If you would like to discuss creating a course, we would be happy to help you.

LUCY FLOW online birth preparation, yoga for childbirth, yoga for postnatal wellbeing
10,000 paying members since 2020.
SPEECH CLUB / online speech & language for early years children
Fully automated with members in over 50 countries and now supplying UK councils / nurseries
ZESTFOR / Julia Carter has spent 20+ years experience of delivering  Leadership courses in person. Now she also can deliver via film which means she can to to anyone, anywhere and whenever suits 
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